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Over the years many churches find that their baptistry begins to have issues and problems. These baptistries may be made from fiberglass, steel, concrete, or other materials. None of these materials are 100% foolproof as a building material, as they all have weaknesses.

As buildings shift and settle concrete can develop cracks which can allow water to penetrate.  Steel tends to rust over time and weaken.  Fiberglass, unless properly maintained, can have its own issues.

One of the most common issues seen with a fiberglass baptistry occurs when a congregation leaves the water in for a long period of time.  Unlike an acrylic hot tub, a fiberglass baptistry is not designed for this. During manufacturing a special finish sealer can be added to help with this problem, but it usually adds about 25% to the cost of a fiberglass tub so most churches do not order it. Without this sealer, however, there can be blistering of the surface, cracks and other problems.  For more information on this sealant click here. Within our baptistry repair services we repair blisters, cut out bad areas, grind, refill, sand, and re-epoxy the areas without removing the baptistry and we can offer a custom color match to your existing church pool. Click the images below to view a before and after example of our baptistry repair service.

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Another Common Problem

Another common problems is found when the baptistry is improperly installed or when the floor area or support area settles, causing the baptistry to not be fully supported.  When filled with water (and people walk in it) it can easily crack causing issues.  We offer a foam injection service that fills those voids and provides support to areas where the support has previously failed.

Other issues commonly seen are cracks in the walls of your baptistry, including stress cracks, delamination, flexing bottoms, and fading of the fiberglass. These can often be addressed by replacing the support system, reinforcing the fiberglass, finding and fixing the cause. When  you need touch up paint our epoxy paint systems will hold up under water.

These cracks, blisters and other issues can be resolved by our expert team. Contact us with your issue, send photos and a good description.  We can have a technician talk with you on the telephone, and arrangements can be made to have someone come to the church for an estimate.  There is usually a modest charge for these estimates since our technicians travel the US to meet with churches.  However, a plan to repair your baptistry will be presented with pricing included to remedy your situation. In most cases your baptistry can be restored to a like-new, usable condition without removing it.

Our Head Technician

Our Head Baptistry Repair Technician is Jason Smith, a Licensed Contractor with SWAM/DMBE Certification.  Jason is a committed Christian and has 15 years of experience in the repair and maintenance areas, with experience in concrete work, fiberglass repair and restoration, acrylics, plastics and vinyl's.

Often times churches find that purchasing a new baptistry to replace a damaged one is more cost effective than repairing their existing one. To view our full line of new baptistries and church furniture and to find out pricing for comparison, visit


Give us a call at 540.484.4913 or Email us for a Baptistry Repair quote

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